For example, should my following question be on-topic? I have desperately looked for places to ask such questions, and was the main reason for joining the Engineering SE site (among others with fingers crossed)

CE Marking on low budgets: conforming to EMI / EMC requirements in ELV and mains circuits


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Conforming to legislation is an important part of engineering.

I would expect to be able to ask and answer questions about engineering legislation on this site; from how to comply, to what our duties are.

The fact that an engineer has been able to answer your question, further confirms this; in my view.


In this case they're specifying EMI/EMC, in which case it could go here or possibly do better on EE.SE.

That said, as the answer to that question points out with LVD, EMI/EMC isn't all there is to getting a CE mark. Depending on the type of device, the safety requirements (61010-1 etc) can be a bigger hurdle than EMI/EMC and encompass more than just EE issues alone.


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