I've asked the following question on chemistry.SE:


It's had very little attention, and I'm wondering if it would have been better to ask it here - principally because perhaps the element of methods for disposal of waste strike me as an engineering domain problem, as it's a more practical issue? (Not that practical implies engineering).

Also, I suppose Eng.SE includes chemical engineering? Perhaps the sometimes blurry boundaries of SE sites as well as engineering disciplines mean the question could, or even should, have been asked here?


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I think that the challenge of that question is that in your title you're essentially asking "design a process for me." You narrow that when you ask for a specific etching material, but then broaden it back out when you're asking for a disposal process.

What would be a good choice of etchant? And what would the process be for using and disposing of the waste / bi-products?

StackExchange works best with focused Q&A. As currently phrased, I think that your question is "too broad" for this site and perhaps for Chemistry as well.

I would suggest narrowing the question on Chemistry to focusing on identifying a suitable etchant. Once you get an answer there, do your research and possibly ask another question regarding disposal, if necessary.


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