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Although the term "Industry 4.0" might be not the proper one as it sometimes seems to be quite overused for marketing purposes, still I consider matter of fact that the development of the post-industrial society takes the new cycle, which many consider to be the fourth industrial revolution.

Now my question: Is engineering the proper topic to discuss interdisciplinary questions regarding aspects of cyber-physical systems, or what is your opinion if this should be a new Stack Exchange on its own?

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Specific, answerable questions related to engineering are on-topic here. Inter-disciplinary aspects are perfectly fine as well. This is a site for Engineering, not just XYZ branch of Engineering.

Broad, discussion based questions simply don't work well within the StackExchange Q&A format. Nebulous questions about fields that are still being defined don't do well within the SE Q&A model.

The guiding principle is to focus on specific issues within a particular problem, and generating content with a high signal to noise ratio.

Based upon your limited description of the topics you're interested in, I would venture that they will not fare well here on Engineering nor on the rest of SE.


I am not ultra active member but I would say:

  • CPS development/engineering questions = ok
  • CPS other questions (ethics, future prospects,...) = not really

So if you want to discuss CPS in all aspects, you would need a new Stack Exchange. But as I see how smaller SE are having troubles to keep a good content, and lively questions/answers, I would not really suggest it.


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