In this question, I was requested to give proper creditation to pictures I googled to give examples of what I was talking about.

In my understanding of the situation, this makes sense when the picture is something recognisable, but it is just impossible, when we are talking about a picture found on multiple (selling) sites not crediting anything, with various brands and no brand names on the product itself - which is often the case with chinese anonymous products.

In this precise situation and probably many intermediary situations, it just becomes impossible to give a proper creditation to a picture and the maker of the product itself does not seem to have the faintest interest to it. So I believe it would be a good idea to think about specify realistic limits in https://engineering.stackexchange.com/help/referencing

  • $\begingroup$ Even if it is drop-shipped stuff, you should still state where you got the image in the first place as this is required per site guidelines, even if it is just Ebay/Amazon. "Fair use" isn't really relevant here as that refers to whether you need permission from the copyright holder to use it. $\endgroup$ Commented May 14 at 19:12


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