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Are questions inquiring about the existance of particular inventions\tools in scope here\elsewhere? [duplicate]

I was particularly looking to ask a question about whether devices\methods have been developed to aid urban core fire departments to speed the sluggish, grueling ascent in skyscrapers when existing ...
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Are Questions About Engineering Software On-Topic? What questions?

A few days ago, I asked this question. On the one hand, it received a couple of upvotes and got a good answer, which also received a few upvotes. On the other hand, several people voted to close it as ...
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Proposal: Add a custom close reason for homework questions that don't show effort

Update 2016/09/08: Based on the answer provided by Air (it's long, read toward the middle) and more recent usage on the site, Homework-type questions have been closed with the Unclear What You Are ...
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Why are questions regarding discussions or product sourcing not allowed on engineering stackexchange?

I have answered many questions here on engineering stack exchange, but I find it impossible for myself to ask an engineering question. Any question that I can frame to meet the rules, I could more ...
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Should questions on schematics be allowed?

I am aware that most StackExchange websites consider questions regarding recommendations or where to find additional information as out of scope, since they generally atract too specific anwers or ...
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Is it appropriate to name suppliers and link to their products in answers?

So, a few times already I've found myself really wanting to drop the name of a commercial program or company that I use. I've specifically avoided doing so because I didn't want to endorse a ...
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Canonical book recommendations versus Finding Things Questions

As a community, we've come down pretty clearly against "Finding things questions" (FTQ). That said, there are some edge cases that deserve additional consideration by the community. One case for us ...
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On-topicness of material recommendations

Possibly related: The Engineering.SE position on recommendation/finding stuff questions How to write material design questions I have a specific piece of equipment in need of a casing. This casing ...
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Is it ok to ask for a refernece for stress-strain curve data?

So I need to find data from a tensile test of a steel (any steel), I need a curve with "a lot of points", not just the usually important ones. Is it ok to ask for that in the main site?
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Why is there no close flag option for recommendation questions?

Regarding questions for resource recommendation, Meta says "No!". So why is there not flag option for it, like on other sites? On StackOverflow it looks like this: Questions asking us to recommend ...
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Guidelines to avoid resource hunting questions?

A couple of questions have recently been closed (or got some votes to close) for being "resource-hunting questions". I was hoping we could build some criteria to help future posters to phrase their ...
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Are CAD software usage related questions on topic here? [duplicate]

Say, I want to know how to convert 3D Polylines into 2D polylines in draftsight, or the questions that are covered in area 51 proposal here. My questions have to do with how to use CAD system to ...
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Need to provide "spectral analysis" to support my question about engine exhaust appearing blue sometimes?

I think it is well accepted that sometimes engines produce smoke that looks blue, and I think mechanics who work on engines will confirm this. I included a personal snapshot of smoke that appeared ...
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