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Can I use Engineering Meta SE for a Sandbox?

I have problems writing a good question here and don't want to risk getting banned for another 6 months or more. Is there a way that I can Sandbox here like in Worldbulding.SE? https://worldbuilding....
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Can I ask a question about the role of engineers in pace-maker design here?

I want to ask the following question but I am not sure whether or not it would qualify as a valid question: What role do system engineers play in the design and implementation of a pace-maker? It ...
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Are religiously-motivated scientific questions off-topic?

According to the relevant help page, questions are on-topic if they Identify a specific engineering problem Require expert engineering knowledge to solve I do not see anything there about ...
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Why did my question get so many down votes

I asked this question with genuine interest, supplied sufficient information about it, and showed that I have done prior research, but it still got downvoted a lot which is shocking to me. I was eager ...
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How should we handle home modification questions?

We have received some questions about home modifications. The answer typically boils down to "It is probably more complicated that you imagine. Hire an engineer." Each question is similar, but unique....
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Are questions regarding drafting on topic here?

Just found this Engineering stack-exchange site. From browsing the help and meta, it seems this is pretty new. I would imagine some, or most, of the users here are familiar with Eng-Tips as well - ...
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Is a question about how to mill metals in a specific situation on topic?

I need to better understand metal milling, specifically speeds and feeds, and don't know where to start. I have a specific project where I need to machine 5/8" diameter slots into an aluminum block ...
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The Engineering.SE policy on check-my-work questions

We have recently received a few check-my-work questions: Heat Loss per Linear Ft Problem with Energy Transfer Rate Conversion
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Are Questions About Engineering Software On-Topic? What questions?

A few days ago, I asked this question. On the one hand, it received a couple of upvotes and got a good answer, which also received a few upvotes. On the other hand, several people voted to close it as ...
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Questions about conforming to legislation such as CE-marking - on topic?

For example, should my following question be on-topic? I have desperately looked for places to ask such questions, and was the main reason for joining the Engineering SE site (among others with ...
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The Engineering.SE position on recommendation/finding stuff questions

In general, most Stack Exchange sites do not deal with recommendation questions such as: What is a good book to teach me x Please recommend a widget to help me <...
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