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Increasing Answer Feedback

I've noticed several questions with only one answer and no feedback (requester not accepting the answer and no upvotes) which seems to still leave the question unresolved since users have no idea if ...
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3 answers

Answering questions with comments

I often answer easy questions with just a comment, for many of the same reasons mentioned in this thread. On another StackExchange site which I'm active on, this practice is fairly common, especially ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Answers referencing other answers

Sometimes answers start out like: In addition to what [other person] said ... Is it valid to add additional information to other answers like this? Should the poster repeat what is in the other ...
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2 answers

Is it appropriate to name suppliers and link to their products in answers?

So, a few times already I've found myself really wanting to drop the name of a commercial program or company that I use. I've specifically avoided doing so because I didn't want to endorse a ...
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What should our reference policy be?

A lot of sites on Stack Exchange require - or at least strongly advise - users to include sources in their answers (and questions, when possible). Should we try to move in that direction? Requiring ...
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