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Will our beta label be removed?

Since we learned that Matter Modeling is graduating and Quantum Computing is graduating and Freelancing is graduating and Retrocomputing is graduating and Economics is graduating, I'm curious if ...
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Is my account broken?

I just got off a question ban. I asked a question got up votes but I've been banned again. What did I do wrong??? There must be some mistake or glitch. Please don't make me wait another 6 months to ...
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1 vote
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What is yet needed to leave the beta status?

Checking periodically the Area51 page of the site, I am very happy that most stat are at least in "okay" status. Although the question/day stat is still seems to oscillate around the required minimum (...
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How are we doing?

This post is to help the community track how we're doing as we progress through our private beta into a public beta and hopefully into a full-fledged SE site. Statistics are provided by the Area51 ...
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