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Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed.

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Old questions at top of feed show being recently modified?

I see years old questions at the top of my feed which show as being modified recently but nothing within the actual post shows evidence of that. For example this question: Arduino CNC - which vacuum ...
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Is my account broken?

I just got off a question ban. I asked a question got up votes but I've been banned again. What did I do wrong??? There must be some mistake or glitch. Please don't make me wait another 6 months to ...
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My questions marked a favorite but still down votes? Is this unusual behavior?

More of my questions have been marked as favorite but are still down voted to the point of a question ban. Can a handful of people out of thousands down vote a user into a question ban? https://...
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Can the ban on questions be shortened by a moderator?

6 months or more to asks another question is extreme just for asking bad questions which I thought were good. Once the asker is up to a point of bad questions regardless the length of time that passes ...
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9 votes
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Should $\LaTeX$ be disabled in question titles due to ${\huge weird formatting?}$ $${\frac{\frac{\text{this is}}{a~very~ugly}}{\huge title}}$$

I definitely prefer $\LaTeX$ in the body of a question. It's sharp, easy to read and adds a lot of quality. However, in the title I find it highly disturbing. It also destroys the nice look on the '...
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4 votes
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Close reason: belongs on another SE site, only Engineering Meta available?

I believe this question belongs on Maths.SE. I therefore voted to close, and selected "this belongs on another SE site", and clicked Next. My only option then was to select that it belonged on Meta....
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Editing my profile pulls an older version

I've just signed up a few minutes ago. Why I try to edit my site profile, it shows an old version: The same bug exists on SciFi, and kevin there was looking for another network site that exhibited ...
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