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Why is the engineering chatroom so quiet

Why is the engineering chatroom so quiet and there are no moderators to the rescue?Electrical engineering has a separate chatroom but there isn't one for mechanical engineers.Moderators please create ...
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What should we name our chat room?

Exactly five months ago (to the day), Change name of chat room? was asked. The consensus was that it was too early, and so the whole thing stopped. Now that the site's much older, the time seems riper....
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Change name of chat room?

Currently, our chat room is named "Engineering." While not terribly exciting, it does make the room pretty easy to find. The down side is that it's not terribly exciting and doesn't reflect much ...
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How should we promote our chat room?

When the web chat gets a reasonable population, we can think about how chat might complement Engineering.SE Please come and visit, and think about how to promote it.
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