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Adding EE and Home Improvement options to "belongs in another stack" close? [duplicate]

There is a "belongs in another stack" close category, but it only has one option defined here, "Meta", which seems to be a rare offender. Do moderators (or anyone) have the ability ...
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Why is there no close flag option for recommendation questions?

Regarding questions for resource recommendation, Meta says "No!". So why is there not flag option for it, like on other sites? On StackOverflow it looks like this: Questions asking us to recommend ...
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How do we handle questions about conspiracies that contain engineering topics?

I took a quick look around and I couldn't find previous discussion, so I thought I would bring this up. I was inspired by this question, which asks about whether jet fuel can melt steel beams (yes, ...
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Why close questions just because they are difficult?

I recently had this question closed with the motivation that it was too broad: ...
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Proposal: Add a custom close reason for homework questions that don't show effort

Update 2016/09/08: Based on the answer provided by Air (it's long, read toward the middle) and more recent usage on the site, Homework-type questions have been closed with the Unclear What You Are ...
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Close reason: belongs on another SE site, only Engineering Meta available?

I believe this question belongs on Maths.SE. I therefore voted to close, and selected "this belongs on another SE site", and clicked Next. My only option then was to select that it belonged on Meta....
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Question closed for bad project?

I'm curious as to why this question was closed. So far as i can see from reading the reasons a post can be closed, there is no validity for shutting someone down for having their project be bad. His ...
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