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3 votes
1 answer

Guidelines to avoid resource hunting questions?

A couple of questions have recently been closed (or got some votes to close) for being "resource-hunting questions". I was hoping we could build some criteria to help future posters to phrase their ...
1 vote
3 answers

Question closed for bad project?

I'm curious as to why this question was closed. So far as i can see from reading the reasons a post can be closed, there is no validity for shutting someone down for having their project be bad. His ...
5 votes
2 answers

Is my question on safety practices for WWTP plant visits salvageble?

This question of mine was closed as to broad. Reasons given where that a good answer would be beyond the scope of SE. Since then there's also a request for reopening, not by me (reopen-voter, speak up!...
3 votes
7 answers

NDQ assessment of laser interferometer question

Currently, our community has come to agreement that Naive Design Questions (NDQ) are not in-scope for the site. And quoting from that meta question: I can't think of a rigorous definition for "...
6 votes
2 answers

When should the moderators rely on the community to close questions?

The philosophy of StackExchange is one of meritocratic governance; users who contribute more have more abilities to govern the content and structure of the site. So far most of our question closures (...