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Can I get a notice when I have a comment liked or flagged?

Often people vote or like a comment, but unless I check every comment I post I will not get a notice. Is there any way to get notice when my comments gets liked? What about when a comment is flagged? ...
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Answering questions with comments

I often answer easy questions with just a comment, for many of the same reasons mentioned in this thread. On another StackExchange site which I'm active on, this practice is fairly common, especially ...
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Why was my comment deleted?

I'm pretty sure I left a comment to: How was Volkswagen able to trick the lab pollution test? Yet now it isn't there. Why was it deleted? And why I cannot find ANY trace of my prose anywhere in the ...
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Should comments like "this belongs on EE.SE" be deleted?

Robert has made clear that, at least at this point in time, we should aim to accept questions from all engineering disciplines and not restrict our scope based on the existence of other engineering ...
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