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How can I create a new tag?

I want to create a new tag for trains for my question here. How can I do this? Does an admin have to do it for me?
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How can I use MathJax/Latex to typeset equations on this site?

Engineering.SE supports $\LaTeX$ style equation editing via MathJax. However, most of the guides for typesetting equations with $\LaTeX$ are either too limited or too expansive for new users who just ...
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7 votes
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How can I ask a good question on Engineering.SE and receive quality responses?

What information should my question contain? What should I include or not include? Do I need to provide background to my question? What can I assume the people reading my question will know?
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When should I use math markup?

Prompted by this suggested revision. Here is the body of the question as it appears in my browser (Chrome 40.0.2214.111 m): Marking up this paragraph with MathJax simply to introduce superscripts ...
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