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what if i copy-paste "Can freewheel of coaster brake be used in combination with derailleur?" to this se?

see Can freewheel of coaster brake be used in combination with derailleur? is ...
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Is a question on the engineering of a respirator mask on-topic here?

Since the changes in the teacher's lounge I'm unable to ping any mods that haven't been active there. So that's why I am spamming your meta :) Here we go: There is this question that has been ...
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Guidelines to avoid resource hunting questions?

A couple of questions have recently been closed (or got some votes to close) for being "resource-hunting questions". I was hoping we could build some criteria to help future posters to phrase their ...
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Would this question about computer memory and BIOS be a good fit for Engineering SE?

Noticed you guys have an (as yet undefined) computer engineering tag. Does this seem like your cup of tea? I'm writing a little toy operating system using a mix of C and Assembly (it's not meant to ...
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A question about professionalism and neurotypical

Update: I would otherwise delete this but it has been answered by others. I want to know if the following is on-topic for the non-meta area of engineering. I know it is wordy, and I will try and ...
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Are religiously-motivated scientific questions off-topic?

According to the relevant help page, questions are on-topic if they Identify a specific engineering problem Require expert engineering knowledge to solve I do not see anything there about ...
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How do we handle questions about conspiracies that contain engineering topics?

I took a quick look around and I couldn't find previous discussion, so I thought I would bring this up. I was inspired by this question, which asks about whether jet fuel can melt steel beams (yes, ...
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Are questions inquiring about the existance of particular inventions\tools in scope here\elsewhere? [duplicate]

I was particularly looking to ask a question about whether devices\methods have been developed to aid urban core fire departments to speed the sluggish, grueling ascent in skyscrapers when existing ...
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Are AutoCAD usage questions on topic here? [duplicate]

Are AutoCAD usage questions on topic here? The CAD proposal didn't pick up steam and was closed.
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Are questions regarding drafting on topic here?

Just found this Engineering stack-exchange site. From browsing the help and meta, it seems this is pretty new. I would imagine some, or most, of the users here are familiar with Eng-Tips as well - ...
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Do my work for me type questions

I have seen a few questions that sound more or less like a full design problem description. In essence the poster is asking somebody to do the work for him. Now the question is when does the ...
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Is this question on the Navier-Stokes equations on topic?

Two days ago, the question What is the physical interpretation of the second term in the viscous stress tensor in the Navier-Stokes equations? was asked. In essence, it asks about the "physical ...
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