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Can I use Engineering Meta SE for a Sandbox?

I have problems writing a good question here and don't want to risk getting banned for another 6 months or more. Is there a way that I can Sandbox here like in Worldbulding.SE? https://worldbuilding....
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Why did my question get so many down votes

I asked this question with genuine interest, supplied sufficient information about it, and showed that I have done prior research, but it still got downvoted a lot which is shocking to me. I was eager ...
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What should our policy be on 'Novel Idea' questions?

Lately we have seen a few open-ended questions presenting ideas that the poster thinks is a novel concept, but which are clearly impractical to people with modest backgrounds in engineering. The ...
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How can I ask a good question on Engineering.SE and receive quality responses?

What information should my question contain? What should I include or not include? Do I need to provide background to my question? What can I assume the people reading my question will know?
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Vote to close now or remember to check later?

We have users with varying opinions on using "vote-to-close". Instead of muddying other questions with thoughts on close votes, let's have a question that is solely about Vote to Close. Specific ...
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On the liabilities of liability questions

We (the community) need to decide what liability questions are on-topic or not for the site. Our current liability questions, which I have locked while we resolve this meta question. Do structural ...
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13 votes
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Naive design questions (NDQs): "How do I design ______?"

There have been a few questions where users with little to no training are requesting instructions on how to design some object. Some examples (both happen to be structural): Asking for a "set of ...
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What might the guidelines for hobbyist questions?

I have seen a number of questions that are asked by hobbyists, or others who are looking to learn more about engineering because they are inspired by something awesome they saw. It seems very prudent ...
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Expected level of effort or detail in asking questions?

What level of effort or detail should we expect from questions on the main site? Some of the initial questions so far have been lacking in details that could materially affect the answers provided. ...
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