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what if i copy-paste "Can freewheel of coaster brake be used in combination with derailleur?" to this se?

see Can freewheel of coaster brake be used in combination with derailleur? is ...
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What's Going on With the Buoyancy Question?

I'm looking at the question Would an object at the bottom of the sea still experience buoyancy? and the answers/voting/general response is boggling my mind. The question is asking about what would ...
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Are religiously-motivated scientific questions off-topic?

According to the relevant help page, questions are on-topic if they Identify a specific engineering problem Require expert engineering knowledge to solve I do not see anything there about ...
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On-topicness of material recommendations

Possibly related: The Engineering.SE position on recommendation/finding stuff questions How to write material design questions I have a specific piece of equipment in need of a casing. This casing ...
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Is my question on safety practices for WWTP plant visits salvageble?

This question of mine was closed as to broad. Reasons given where that a good answer would be beyond the scope of SE. Since then there's also a request for reopening, not by me (reopen-voter, speak up!...
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I asked a question about if building a houseboat on dry land would be a useful solution and it was deleted by the 'community'

I made a suggestion about building a houseboat on dry land in a flood-prone area might help people and their properties survive a flood, and the question was rudely discarded by the 'community' with ...
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Is this question on the Navier-Stokes equations on topic?

Two days ago, the question What is the physical interpretation of the second term in the viscous stress tensor in the Navier-Stokes equations? was asked. In essence, it asks about the "physical ...
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