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Close reason: belongs on another SE site, only Engineering Meta available?

I believe this question belongs on Maths.SE. I therefore voted to close, and selected "this belongs on another SE site", and clicked Next. My only option then was to select that it belonged on Meta....
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The number of new questions is low and falls, I suggest a lighter hand with the close/delete votes

This is how the actual status of the proposal on Area51 looks: It is significantly better than it looked some weeks ago (there was time when 3 out of the 5 criteria were in "Needs Work" status). This ...
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Vote to close now or remember to check later?

We have users with varying opinions on using "vote-to-close". Instead of muddying other questions with thoughts on close votes, let's have a question that is solely about Vote to Close. Specific ...
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When should the moderators rely on the community to close questions?

The philosophy of StackExchange is one of meritocratic governance; users who contribute more have more abilities to govern the content and structure of the site. So far most of our question closures (...