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How do we handle questions about conspiracies that contain engineering topics?

In theory, if the technical question in the problem statement can stand on its own merits as a useful bit of Q&A, I think it's reasonable to address any problems with the non-technical portions of ...
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Why close questions just because they are difficult?

As one of the users who voted to close your question, I can say that the reason behind my vote was the following: you are not actually asking for "intuitive explanations" for six beam parameters. ...
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Why is there no close flag option for recommendation questions?

why is there not flag option for it, like on other sites? On other sites, particularly sites with more traffic, the rate at which such questions are asked may exceed the ability of the community to ...
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Proposal: Add a custom close reason for homework questions that don't show effort

Yes, but 1) only in the worst cases and 2) after the graduation. An example, what I think as one of the worst cases, can you see here: Simple statics vector analysis problem The OP didn't even want to ...
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