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How do we handle questions about conspiracies that contain engineering topics?

In theory, if the technical question in the problem statement can stand on its own merits as a useful bit of Q&A, I think it's reasonable to address any problems with the non-technical portions of ...
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A question about professionalism and neurotypical

I find this question to be important, but not on-topic for this site. Also, you'd probably get more qualified advice at another SE, namely The Workplace.SE or Interpersonal Skills.SE. Hope they can ...
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Are religiously-motivated scientific questions off-topic?

Note that both points you quote for being on topic specifically mention "engineering". Engineering is about applying the laws of physics and other sciences to real world problems. Science seeks to ...
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what if i copy-paste "Can freewheel of coaster brake be used in combination with derailleur?" to this se?

If there is a specific engineering topic that came from your question, then that could be a question here. Stack Exchange does not like the same question to be posted on multiple sites. Your question ...
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Is a question on the engineering of a respirator mask on-topic here?

Looks like it could work here. Send it over.
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