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As of July 2016, final semester student, Advanced Diploma of Communications & Electronic Engineering course, NSW TAFE College Mt Druitt, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Intend to continue to a BSc(Maths/Physics) & B Eng Elec/Aerospace

Dec, 2012 - present: Engineering Technical Officer/Intern with Mostyn Enterprises (Technologies) P/L, St Clair, NSW. EE CAD/CAM - Eagle CAD, Sonnet, Circuitmaker 2000, LTSpiceIV, 4Nec2, SciLab, Euler; RF/µw Systems development and test - Microstrip filter design, construction and test; Power supply design, construction and test; Embedded system development - PIC, AVR; Automatic HF antenna matching unit - RF design & simulation; RF switch matrix - demonstrator build, test; Hi power DC-DC boost converter - design, simulation, prototype; Writing trade media press releases and technical/sales documentation; Li-ion battery management system and dual DCDC buck converter - design; VHF/UHF Variable BPF- design, simulation

Student Memberships: Engineers Australia - Electrical Colleges, WSRG; IEEE - MTTS, Antenna & Propagation Soc, Photonics Soc, Circuits & Systems Soc, Solid-State Circuits Soc, Electron Devices Soc, Communications Soc; Power Electronics Soc.; SPIE, Aust Optical Soc; American Telemedicine Assoc.; Australian TeleHealth Soc.; Assoc. of Old Crows; Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation Australia; Telecommunications Assoc.

Member: Royal Aeronautical Society of Australia, (Friend of); National Space Society of Australia; Sydney Space Frontier Society

Interests: Sydney PC User Gp; Sydney Linux UG; amateur radio operator VK2UKR - 2m, radio astronomy; NSW Nordic Ski Club; Nat Parks Assoc. of NSW; Bushwalking, snowcamping; Plast Ukrainian Scouts NSW - assets officer; NSW Schizophrenia Fellowship - Parramatta Schizophrenia Support Group - assistant convenor; NSW Mental Health Assoc.; mathematics; Mathematica, Euler & SciLab, 4NEC2; SCADA, industrial networks telecoms security; DSP + digital filters; FPGAs; FPAAs; Microcontrollers; C, C++, Ada, Fortran 2008, Modula, Modelica; Millimetre wave-TeraHertz technologies; Photonics; Neural networks; Fuzzy logic systems; EW, Radar and Sonar systems and assoc signal processing; Languages; Telemedicine applications to rural and remote area mental healthcare; Semiconductor fabrication and manufacturing; chaotic behaviour in SMPS; nanophotonics; feedback control systems analysis and synthesis;

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